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Scholars Portal Books The Scholars Portal e-book platform offers access to over 88,000 digital texts from the world's most important scholarly publishers for online reading and downloading. In addition to the commercial content, the system holds over 280,000 open access titles accessible by the public as well.

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Scholars Portal Journals Scholars Portal Journals is a digital repository of over 22 million scholarly articles drawn from journals covering every academic discipline.

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Odesi A Voyage in Data Discovery ODESI offers researchers the ability to search across hundreds of datasets including: Canadian Opinion Research Archive (CORA), Canadian Gallup, and Ipsos Reid and  Statistics Canada's public-use survey data.

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Scholars GeoPortal Scholars GeoPortal improves the accessibility and ease of use of geo-referenced data and geospatial files, by providing search, data exploration, and downloading tools for OCUL geospatial data collections. This project, officially launched in March 2012, was made possible with support from the Government of Ontario through its OntarioBuys initiative.

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Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE) Pilot Project The Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE) Pilot Project is a collaboration of the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) and the University of Toronto, with support from the Government of Ontario as a part of the EnAbling Change Program. The ACE Pilot Project will enhance the ability of university libraries throughout Ontario to provide barrier-free access to textual resources for students and faculty with various reading and print disabilities.

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