OCUL Constitution

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Article I. Name

The name of this body shall be "The Ontario Council of University Libraries/Conseil des bibliotheques universitaires de l'Ontario" herein referred to as the Council or OCUL.

Article II. Purpose

The purpose of the Council shall be:

  1. To concern itself with the improvement and development of university library resources in Ontario.


  2. To concern itself with the rationalization and coordination of library resources, particularly at the graduate and research level.


  3. To assist the Council of Ontario Universities (COU) in its efforts to promote coordination and cooperation among the libraries of COU members by providing information and advice in these areas to university administrations and by responding to requests from COU for advice and assistance in library matters.


  4. To provide a medium of communication among the library directors of COU members.


  5. To cooperate and maintain liaison with other agencies and councils as appropriate.
Article III. Membership

The membership of the Council shall consist of the library directors of COU Institutional members and associate members (See Appendix A).

Article IV. Powers

The Council shall have power to establish its own By-Laws and to appoint committees or task forces in order to fulfil its purposes.

Article V. By-Laws

By-Laws may be adopted, amended, suspended or rescinded by a two-thirds majority of members of the Council present and voting at any meeting at which at least two thirds of the members are in attendance.

Article VI. Amendments

This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority of members of the Council present and voting at any meeting, provided that written notice of the proposed change or substance thereof be sent to the entire membership not less than ten days prior to the date of the meeting and that at least two-thirds of the members are in attendance.


Article I. Officers-Executive Committee

The Officers of Council and their terms shall be:

  1. A Chair (two years)
  2. A Vice-Chair who shall be Chair-Elect (two years)
  3. A Secretary (two years)
  4. A Treasurer (two years)
  5. Director at Large (one year)
Article II. Duties of the Officers

The Officers shall perform the usual duties of their offices. The Chair will be responsible for arranging meetings, for consulting with members in the preparation of agendas and for distributing agendas at least ten days in advance of meetings.

Article III. Meetings

Meetings shall be called by the Chair or the Executive Committee in the spring and the fall of each year, at other times as required, or upon the written request of six members. The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call. The spring meeting shall be the annual meeting.

Article IV. Attendance

A member of the Council who is unable to attend a meeting may delegate a member of his/her Library staff to attend and vote during the absence of the member but not to act as an officer.

Article V. Quorum

A majority of the members of Council or their delegates shall constitute a quorum for any meeting.

Article VI. Elections

The election of officers shall take place at the annual meeting. A Nominating Committee, consisting of the current Director at Large, as chair, and two other members selected at the previous meeting of Council, shall present a slate of nominees reflecting the various regions and sizes of institutions. If there is more than one nomination for an office, the meeting shall agree on election rules before voting. No one shall be nominated without his/her consent.

Article VII. Replacements

An officer, except the Chair, who finds it necessary to relinquish office (through retirement, resignation, or otherwise) shall be replaced by a successor elected for the un-expired term. A mail vote may be conducted, if necessary, by the Secretary or by the Chair if it is the post of Secretary that becomes vacant.

Article VIII. Voting

The Chair may vote.

Article IX. Projects

Each project undertaken by OCUL shall be administered by one of the Council members. The Librarian of the University administering the Project shall be its Coordinator and shall report regularly to OCUL.

Article X. Rules

The functions of Council and the conduct of its members shall be governed by the regulations:

  1. stated by the Council of Ontario Universities;


  2. contained in the OCUL Constitution;


  3. Procedure at meetings in Canada by Arthur Beauchesne.
Article XI. Executive Director

There shall be an Executive Director, appointed by OCUL, who shall report to the Chair of OCUL. The Executive Director shall serve as manager of OCUL affairs, including the OCUL office. The Executive Director shall attend the meetings of the OCUL Council and Executive Committee.

Amended and approved - OCUL Meeting, 10 November, 2010


Institutional Membership of the Council of Ontario Universities/Conseil des Universites de l'Ontario at November 1, 2010


Algoma University
Brock University
Carleton University
University of Guelph
Lakehead University
Laurentian University
McMaster University
Nipissing University
OCAD University
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
University of Ottawa
Queen's University
Ryerson Polytechnic University
University of Toronto
Trent University
University of Waterloo
University of Western Ontario
Wilfrid Laurier University
University of Windsor
York University

Associate Members:
Royal Military College of Canada