ROAM Governance

ROAM is supported by the Project Management Team under the direction of the ROAM Steering Committee. The Steering Committee report to the OCUL Directors on project progress, and will:

  • Oversee, give direction and steer the Project to achieve the necessary outcomes
  • Oversee and give direction to the work of the Project Coordinator
  • Oversee the project budget
  • Represent their constituency and obtain input and feedback as requested by the Project Coordinator or the Ministry
  • Develop external communications to promote the project and increase buy-in

Steering Committee Members

  • Anne Pottier, Associate University Librarian, McMaster University (Chair)
  • Lari Langford, Head, Access and Information Services, Robarts Library, University of Toronto
  • Madeleine Lefebvre, Chief Librarian, Ryerson University
  • Carole Moore, former University Librarian, University of Toronto
  • Amanda Thomson, Policy Analyst, Strategic Initiatives, Council of Ontario Universities
  • Susan Nemeth, Program Advisor, Public Education & Partnerships, Accessibility Directorate of Ontario

ROAM Project management team (ex officio)

  • Katya Pereyaslavska, OCUL Scholars Portal Accessibility Librarian (Project Coordinator)
  • Anika Ervin-Ward, OCUL Administration and Communications Coordinator 
  • Kathy Scardellato, OCUL Executive Director
  • Alan Darnell, OCUL Scholars Portal Director
  • Amy Greenberg, OCUL Scholars Portal Assistant Director

External Advisory Committee

An External Advisory Committee provides input on the needs of the community and on resources and materials that will assist in the development of the project.


An EnAbling Change Project

This study is conducted with support from the Government of Ontario as a part of the EnAbling Change Program. The program is an initiative of the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario and provides financial support and expertise to organizations to educate an industry or sector across the province on their obligations under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).
Together with ACE, the Scholars Portal Accessible Content E-Portal, the ROAM project demonstrates OCUL’s commitment to support its members in providing enhanced learning support and rich learning environments that are accessible to the entire Ontario University community.