Thunder Bay Last Copy Agreement

 At the Fall 2008 OCUL meeting at Lakehead University, directors agreed on a strategy to address the challenges of maintaining low-use and last copy print materials. It was agreed that the preservation of a last copy, regardless of format, is an important general principle for OCUL, and that immediate action is required to ensure long-term retention.

In the short term, directors agreed to focus attention on the coordinated retention and collaborative storage of print journals by OCUL members to address immediate short-term space needs. It was also agreed that a distributed model is desirable, thus making retention and collaborative storage shared responsibilities. Local decision-making and simple procedures are essential to ensure a successful outcome for the coordinated retention of printed journals by OCUL members.  

Over the longer term, OCUL will explore opportunities for collaboration with other regional and national organizations.


Adopted by the OCUL Board of Directors on April 30, 2009