OCUL Communities

OCUL Communities are formed to:

  1. Promote and encourage the advancement of services in OCUL member institutions;
  2. Provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas pertaining to particular services and areas of expertise;
  3. Stay in touch with projects and innovations across member institutions and beyond;
  4. Seek opportunities to improve individual and shared infrastructure for existing and emerging initiatives.

The following are current OCUL Communities:

Access and User Services

Digital Curation
Government Information
Information Technology
Resource Sharing


Community membership is at the discretion of OCUL member institutions. A Community may include more than one person from an institution. Each OCUL Community has a nominated Moderator with a term of two years. To join any of these OCUL Communities please contact the Community Moderator.

Community Proposals

Proposals must include:

  • Terms of reference, indicating a description of the topic being addressed, anticipated timeframe (short-term or ongoing)
  • Proposed plan of activity
  • Proposal supported by, at a minimum, ten library staff from normally at least one-third of OCUL institutions
  • Nomination for a moderator for a two-year term

The Community Guidelines outline the process for establishing an OCUL Community, moderator responsibilities, reporting and decision-making, communications, work plans and administrative and financial support for OCUL Communities.

Download guidelines