Partnerships & External Relations

OCUL seeks to be a leader in the development of partnerships to expand Canada’s digital research infrastructure and stimulate global collaboration.



Canadian Government Information (CGI) Private LOCKSS Network

OCUL is a participant in the global LOCKSS community as a member of CGI-PLN. The LOCKSS Program is "an open-source, library-led digital preservation system built on the principle that “lots of copies keep stuff safe.”" CGI-PLN is a Private LOCKSS Network established as a collaborative effort to preserve digital collections of Canadian government information through the LOCKSS Program. OCUL's Scholars Portal is maintaining one of the LOCKSS nodes in this network.

Canadian Polar Data Network (CPDN)

As a member of CPDN, OCUL's contribution, through Scholars Portal, focuses on the development of a number of digital preservation environments connected through the CANARIE high-speed research network, providing redundant preservation-quality storage for collected polar research data.
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Internet Archive

OCUL is a contributor to the Internet Archive.

The Keepers Registry

OCUL's Scholars Portal is an Archiving Agency for the Keepers Registry, an international service that provides information about electronic journal archiving arrangements.

Public Knowledge Project (PKP) Major Development Partnership

OCUL contributes to software development, testing, support, and hosting of the Public Knowledge Project open source software suite through this partnership.



OCUL is a member of the following organizations:

Librarians and library staff in OCUL institutions also hold memberships and actively participate in many national and international organizations.


Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement

Effective May 1, 2002, Canadian university libraries have agreed to extend in-person borrowing privileges to students, faculty and staff from across the country. All that is required for borrowing is a valid university identification card or a valid participating regional consortia card.

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Resource Sharing Agreement

Effective January 2, 2008. In the interest of developing Canadian resource sharing and promoting common standards, COPPUL, OCUL, CAUL-CBUA and BCI agree to extend reciprocal interlibrary loan/document delivery privileges according to the terms outlined in this agreement.

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