Scholars Portal

The Scholars Portal technological infrastructure preserves and provides access to information resources collected and shared by Ontario’s 21 university libraries.

Through Scholars Portal online services, Ontario’s university students, faculty and researchers have access to an extensive and varied collection of e-journals, e-books, social science datasets, geo reference data and geospatial data. Scholars Portal also supports the online interlibrary loan platform for Ontario’s universities, a bilingual virtual chat reference service, and other tools designed to aid and enhance academic research in Ontario.

The Accessible Content ePortal (ACE)

The Accessible Content ePortal or ACE is a growing repository of accessible format texts available to users with print disabilities at participating institutions in Ontario.

Ask A Librarian/ Clavardez avec nos bibliothécaires

Ask a Librarian is a bilingual virtual reference service that connects students, faculty and researchers from participating libraries with real-time research assistance through chat.


The Scholars Portal e-book platform is designed to provide a single interface for accessing digital texts from the world's most important scholarly publishers and public domain books that have been digitized for online reading.


Borealis, the Canadian Dataverse Repository, is a bilingual, multidisciplinary, secure, Canadian research data repository, supported by academic libraries and research institutions across Canada. Borealis supports open discovery, management, sharing, and preservation of Canadian research data. 


Scholars GeoPortal is an award-winning geospatial data discovery tool, allowing Ontario's university students and researchers of all disciplines to enrich their teaching and research with a single point of access and retrieval to a curated collection of maps and geospatial datasets.


Scholars Portal Journals is a digital repository of over 66 million scholarly articles drawn from journals covering every academic discipline. In 2013 Journals was certified by the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) as a Trustworthy Digital Repository.

ODESI (Ontario Data Documentation, Extraction Service and Infrastructure)

ODESI is a web-based data exploration, and analysis tool. A unique partnership between university libraries, business, and government, ODESI greatly improves access to statistical social survey and polling data for researchers, teachers and students. 

Ontario Library Research Cloud (OLRC)

The Ontario Library Research Cloud (OLRC) is a collaboration of Ontario’s university libraries to build a high capacity, geographically distributed storage and compute network using proven and scalable open source cloud technologies.


Permafrost is a hosted digital preservation service that provides a suite of tools, training and resources to enable OCUL members to begin actively processing digital objects for long-term preservation and access.


Scholars Portal hosts Open Journal Systems and Open Monograph Press for 11 institutions within OCUL, with approximately 125 active journals containing over 30,000 published articles. This service includes software hosting, troubleshooting, upgrades, and Crossref sponsorship.


RACER stands for Rapid Access to Collections by Electronic Requesting. RACER is an automated interlibrary loan service, which allows users to search numerous libraries’ catalogues simultaneously to easily find and request materials.

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