Collections Subcommittee

The purpose of the OCUL IR Collections Subcommittee is to provide direction and feedback to the OCUL office Staff on various operational level processes in the e-resources life cycle. This may include providing feedback on new offers or negotiation strategies, invoicing and payment processes, or assistance with various communications to members or vendors.

updated Feb 2017 

The subcommittee will

  • Provide operational assistance, as requested by the OCUL Licensing staff, in vetting and evaluating vendor product proposals, including providing direction in obtaining clarifications or improvements to offers
  • Review and update the annual vendor renewal letter
  • Review and update the annual deposit letter and budget documents sent to members
  • On an annual basis, research and analyze acquisitions budget practices at member institutions that may impact strategic priorities for OCUL e-resources licensing  
  • Create vendor communication position statements on broad collections issues (e.g. budgets, exchange rate, the Big Deal) which are used to articulate key principles to vendors as part of the negotiation process. This work complements the work of Licensing and Local Load Subcommittee (L3S), which will create position statements specific to licensing and rights issues
  • Consult with outside expertise as needed


  • 4-6 members from OCUL institutions with experience in licensing and management of e-resources financial processes
  • OCUL Licensing Staff (Chair)
  • Ex officio: OCUL Executive Director; OCUL Business Officer

Current Members

  • Christa Foley - OCUL 
  • Kate Davis - Scholars Portal
  • Paul St-Pierre - Guelph
  • Janice Adlington - McMaster
  • Ingrid Moisil - Ottawa
  • David Gall - Waterloo
  • Elizabeth Mantz - Western
  • Aaron Lupton - York 

Terms of membership are staggered with one and two year appointments to ensure continuity. Terms run from May to April.

Established 2016

Previously the Collections SubcommitteeEbooks Subcommittee and the Eresources Payment Process Subcommittee